Are You ready to vote!

While the election might be over, in Campaign clicker you can try to change history!

The game was played by over a million people in the run up to the 2016 US elections, with players reading live tweets from candidates in game, and contributing to a global vote counter.

Somewhat surprisingly, on the day of the elections, our players had Hillary in the lead, but nly by a fraction. We later discovered that our game closely mirrored the results of the popular vote. If we had somehow factored in the electoral college perhaps we would have been 100% on point!?

The game was released for steam, Android and iOS, we have updates planned for the future, because we still have a soft-spot for a game that combines reality with games.

Campaign clicker was an experiment, we wanted the voting public to see the things their parties were saying in a game. It's probable that a large number of voters just make decisions based on their family beliefs and what their peers say, Many of these voters potentially do not read the news, or fully understand their parties policies. We hoped that by putting the real politics inside a game that we might reach out to people who could become better informed though our unique conduit of news delivery.

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